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Dual line 3 kg waste plastics per batch pyrolysis research/demonstrator plant


✔ Converts 3 kg of mixed (waste) plastics, biomass or 6 liters of (waste) oil per batch into diesel, naphtha and syngas fractions
✔ Comes with two separate distillation lines
✔ Perfect for pyrolysis research and demonstration purposes
✔ Dual line setup enables to research/demonstrate different settings, catalysts and additives at the same time
✔ Fully automated PLC with touch screen display
✔ Plug-and-play installation
✔ Easily transportable demonstrator design on a rollable skid
✔ Price ex. VAT, EXW The Netherlands

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350 liter per day waste motor oil pyrolysis plant


✔ Converts waste motor oil (WMO) to diesel, naphtha and gas
✔ Semi-continious feeding system processes 350 liters WMO per day
✔ Also capable of processing 40 kg plastics per batch
✔ Zero-emission design
✔ Easily transportable plant in a 20ft container
✔ Price: ex. VAT, EXW The Netherlands
✔ ROI: < 5 years

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Pyrolyze B.V. is a Dutch company that offers custom pyrolysis and gasifier solutions to waste management organisations, communities and institutions around the world.

Raymundo Hooten

Raymundo Hooten

“A deep understanding of hydrocarbon science is the key to our pyrolysis innovation.”

Peter Klaren

Peter Klaren

Our goal is to develop high quality pyrolysis systems at an affordable price.”